12 Ambitious Predictions For The Future of Marketing Automation

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This is how Marketing Automation will be used in future

Disclaimer: These are the new things I would personally like to see, and things I think we will see more often in the future.

Note: Yes, I want machine learning and AI to do the bulk of the work. Machines can learn, optimize, and implement marketing-related solutions faster than I ever could — it is my own opinion that it would be silly not to let them try (with a helmet).


  1. Automated Audience Segmentation — to automatically determine and create the audience a user should fall under with no human intervention.
  2. Automating Content Interest Segments — to rank what type of content (and the content itself) with which a user is most likely to engage.


  1. Integrations and applications for physical locations (Automatically segmenting “Brick & Mortar” visitors based on in-store behaviour).
  2. More natural AI integrations with Online Messenger based services.
  3. Better accessibility for businesses with smaller budgets (Minimum-click type solutions).

Media Planning, Buying & Reporting

  1. Automated Website Tagging Solutions (Minimum-click type solutions).
  2. Automated Reporting (With in-depth AI-generated Insights).
  3. Automated Media Planning (Allowing AI to leverage reporting data and audience segments to compile plans).
  4. Automating Ad Generation & Placement (Ties into Segmentation and Automated Media Planning).


  1. Smarter DOOH placements and inventory.
  2. Smarter ride-hailing integrations, ad placements, and inventory.
  3. Leveraging Online Audiences for DOOH.

I’m curious. What are some of the things you’d like to see?

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