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As the number of people on digital platforms continues to grow, there is a parallel rise of virtual spaces and virtual worlds.

While virtual reality may seem like an irrelevant technology, its uses are increasing. An increasing number of industries use virtual environments already.

Given the opportunity to create a new world, how far would you go? What if you could live your dreams in a place that is not our own…

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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing the world around us. It already powers our smartphones, but the implications don’t stop there. Artificial Intelligence will not only impact how we use technology, it will transform how we live, interact with others and work. …

What does a simple implementation look like?

Say we have three users visiting the eCommerce platform. USER A, USER B, and USER C.

  • The journey begins as soon as USER A, USER B, and USER C visit the eCommerce platform.
  • USER A is browsing without any purchase intent (Browse 4 Product pages).
  • USER B is browsing with…

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